Information about and presentation of posts

The EAPC blog publishes notes on training, public management, innovation, knowledge management, public servants and public policy. The EAPC reserves the right to accept publication the posts that it receives. The Public Administration School of Catalonia shall not be held responsible for the opinions of the authors that contribute to the blog. The published texts may be reproduced, distributed and published on condition that the name of the author and the source are mentioned.

You can send your notes to:

Recommendations for writing notes for the EAPC blog

  1. Title: should be clear and creative, to catch the reader’s attention. It is best not to make it too long.
  2. Structure: the ideas should be presented clearly and concisely. Paragraphs should contain one or more clear ideas and not be too long. The first paragraph should be a summary of the content of the note.
  3. Size: notes are recommended to be a maximum of two pages long.
  4. Image: the image accompanying the note may be one proposed by the authors, bearing in mind that it should meet copyright and/or reuse criteria. If no image is supplied, the blog coordinators will choose an image related with the content of the note.
  5. Subject: the main subject of the note must be indicated. Between 3 and 5 keywords should also be given.
  6. References: links should be added to extend the information as required, and these should complement the content and make it easy to explore. Neither footnotes nor a related bibliography are recommended. These documents can be referenced in the text, even in the form of hyperlinks.
  7. Tables and graphs: the use of tables and images in the body of the text should be avoided as much as possible.
  8. Languages: as a general rule, notes are published in Catalan. The notes that arrive in another language will be translated into Catalan, and can be published in both idiomatic versions. The blog coordinators shall proofread notes. They may propose modifications or improvements to the draft.

Recommendations for disseminating the notes on the eapc blog

  1. Authors may reproduce the notes published on the eapc blog provided that they observe the instructions in that respect in the blog itself.
  2. Authors are encouraged to disclose their notes to whatever media they consider appropriate.

Example citation in accordance with Linguistic Policy:

Surnames, Name. “Title of the note” [online]. Barcelona: Revista catalana de dret públic [blog]. 2013.<link> [Viewed: date].

For example:

Vintró, Joan. “La declaració de sobirania i el dret a decidir del poble de Catalunya” [online]. Barcelona: Revista catalana de dret públic [blog]. 2013.<> [Viewed: 7 February 2013].